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The manganese ore beneficiation plant & equipment is a production line that processes the manganese ore mined from the mine to improve the grade of the manganese ore.

Application: Manganese oxide ore, carbonate manganese ore, ferromanganese ore, manganese-containing iron ore and multi-metal composite manganese ore processing.

manganese ore beneficiation

Manganese ore can be roughly divided into manganese oxide ore and manganese carbonate ore according to the properties of manganese ore. The beneficiation methods of these two manganese ores have similarities and differences, so the manganese mining and processing equipment is also different.

  • Gravity separation:The process of sorting according to the density difference between the mold ores, putting the mixture of ore particles into the vertically ascending and descending variable-speed medium flow, and then separating them. The manganese ore dressing equipment jig has the characteristics of simple structure, low investment, high separation efficiency, high recovery rate and low operating cost. Under suitable conditions, it can remove about 80% of the waste rock in siderite. The specific gravity difference between manganese minerals and waste rocks in manganese oxide ore is large, and good beneficiation indicators and economic indicators can be obtained by using gravity beneficiation method.
  • Magnetic separation: Manganese ore is a weakly magnetic mineral, so the strong magnetic separation method can be used for effective separation of manganese ore. The magnetic field strength of the strong magnetic separation equipment must be higher than 14000 gauss. The difference is sorted to obtain manganese concentrate. Manganese ore magnetic separation is mainly suitable for manganese oxide ore and manganese carbonate ore beneficiation, generally referred to as an auxiliary beneficiation process, but dry strong magnetic separation can also be used to treat manganese ore in areas without water or water shortage.
  • Magnetic-Flotation: The main beneficiation methods of manganese carbonate ore are strong magnetic separation and flotation. The flotation process is a general flotation process, and the equipment used includes crushers, ball mills, classifiers, mixing drums, flotation machines, etc. Mainly used for beneficiation of manganese carbonate ores or associated polymetallic manganese ores.

manganese ore Processing plant

This setup is for the manganese ore processing plant, main equipment including:

  • Jaw crusher
  • Cone crusher
  • Vibration screen
  • Ball mill
  • Slurry pump
  • Spiral chute
  • Double drum magnetic separator
  1. The raw bin+vibration feeder for feeding materials to the jaw crusher automatically, you only need to load the materials to the raw bin by truck or excavator or else as you want.
  2. The jaw crusher is for crushing the raw ore to small pieces, then to the cone crusher to get the fine sizes.
    the vibration screen for separating the size +20mm back to the cone crusher, 0-20mm will to the hopper+electromagnetic feeder, then to the ball mill.
  3. The ball mill is for grinding the 0-20mm materials to 0-1mm, then using the slurry pump to transport the 0-1mm materials to the spiral chute to separate the heavy minerals.
  4. the double drum magnetic separator is for separating the manganese from other heavy minerals, making the manganese concentrate to a higher grade.

The capacity for this washing plant can be customized as per request such as 10tph, 50tph,100tph, etc


  • the belt conveyor from jaw crusher to cone crusher will need to add the iron remover to make sure the safe and efficient work of the cone crusher.
  • the spiral chute will normally make two phases, the concentrate from the first phase spiral chute will to the second phase to concentrate again, that will make sure a higher grade and also release the workload of the magnetic separator.

The configuration of specific mining equipment still depends on the manganese ore process and the user’s production needs.

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Manganese Ore Mining Equipment

manganese ore Processing plant for sale

Mmanganese beneficiation equipment is different as per your mineral. For example, the most important manganese oxide ore mining equipment is gravity separation equipment, while the most important manganese carbonate ore mining equipment is magnetic separation equipment.

In the actual beneficiation process, the manganese ore beneficiation process often needs to be comprehensively determined according to various factors such as manganese ore properties, processing plant conditions, and investment budget. It is recommended to understand the manganese ore itself before making the selection, and select a single or combined process flow through the beneficiation test report, so as to strive for ideal technical and economic benefits.

200TPH manganese ore beneficiation processing plant
200TPH manganese ore beneficiation plant
30TPH manganese ore beneficiation processing plant
30TPH alluvial & rock manganese ore processing plant

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