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Professional mining equipment OEM and ODM since 1985

JXSC is a prominent manufacturer of crushing, screening, separating, washing and the like mineral processing equipment and mineral process solutions to the mining industry worldwide.
We are based in Ganzhou, Jiangxi, China. And currently, we are providing industrial products and services to customers in over 40 countries including the USA, Russia, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Poland, France, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, India, South Africa, Uganda, Sudan, Oman, Morocco, Congo, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Bangladesh, Chile, Brazil, etc.


37+ years in the Mining Equipment Industry 

JXSC has over 37 years of mining and beneficiation experience. JXSC’s professional engineers use craftsmanship to produce practical and efficient equipment. Every mineral processing plant or machine built by JXSC results from rich innovation and accumulated experience. JXSC is committed to providing customers with perfect products and services, conducting in-depth communication before sales, and providing process design and after-sales support. We have become a trustworthy partner for customers.

JXSC mine machinery facory

Ingenuity manufacturing machine

Professional technical team

Professional technical team

JXSC Mining Machinery Factory

JXSC mine machinery facory operation

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Equipment manufacturer

We provide mining equipment including crushers, grinders, beneficiation and other separation equipment.

On-Stop Beneficaition Solutions

On-site and professional engineer installation, complete turnkey plant solution, training services.

Mineral Processing Flow Design

Custom-made mineral processing plant flow & equipment based on your ore application and conditions.

Going Global

Valued Customers cross 40+countries and regions

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  • We do not provide jobs and have no interest in investment or partnerships.
  • We provide mineral processing equipment and solutions; not buy and sell mineral /ore /materials.
  • We value your privacy and keep your information safe.