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mobile jig

Mobile Jig Concentrator

Capacity: 1-20 TPH
Usage: A portable trommel and mineral jig plant for processing gold, diamonds, gemstones and other heavy materials. The portable unit can be used to sample or production with capabilities of up to 20 tph.

Jig for raw ores without sticky clay

Equipment: Mobile ‘trommel screen + jig concentrator’ washing plant
Capacity: 1-20TPH
Main parts: trommel screen, jig concentrator, gold sluice, wheel type chasis, pipe, etc. (Highly customizable)
Application: it is very popular in those small scale gold, diamond, coltan processing plants
Function & Feature: trommel screen sieve out big waste stone firstly, and then the under-sieve material goes to jig concentrator for gravity separation. Heavy mineral (concentrate) would be collected at final.

Application for raw ores contain sticky clay

Equipment: ‘trommel scrubber + jig concentrator’ washing plant (stationary & movable type available)
Capacity: 1-20TPH
Main parts: trommel scrubber, jig concentrator, gold sluice, pipe, etc. (Highly customizable)
Application: it is very popular in those small scale gold, diamond, coltan processing plants where contains clay.
Function & Feature: trommel scrubber wash away stick clay and sieve material effectively, those under-sieve material goes to jig concentrator for further concentration. You would collect all sizes of valuable mineral at the jig machine  via adjusting the screen mesh, such 2-5mm, with the Min. lost rate.

We provide trommel scrubber washing plant as well as the trommel screen washing plant to get target minerals separated from raw ore with sticky clay and without sticky clay respectively.

Pro Tips

  • If raw ore contains sticky clay, better to use the trommel scrubber washing plant.
  • If raw ore doesn’t contain sticky clay, use the trommel screen washing plant would be a better choice.

Product Videos

Mobile jig concentrator with a gold wash trommel screen used in alluvial gold mining processing.

An overall look at JXSC Mine Machinery’s portable jig concentrator.

  • Equip with wheels for more convenient deployment, fixed type also supported.
  • Pre-installed pump pipe and filter to work with the pumping system.
  • Mounted small wash screen or trommel screen for one-stop ore washing and separation.

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mobile jig


With years of field testing and research, the JXSC processing plant is specially designed for the processing, separation and recovery of alluvial gold, diamonds and heavy minerals. Our modular wash plant uses a power drive system with a complete variable speed control unit. The trommel screen of washing plant is equipped with a feeder, a replaceable screening section, a heavy-duty housing and frame, and a full-length spray bar as standard. Our wash plant is ideal for production or exploration and includes integrated mineral jig. Our clay scrubbing equipment can be installed on a mobile chassis, a portable non-slip base or a modular frame, and the manufacturing size is up to 300 tons/hour.


  • Feed preparation – Provides well-controlled feed to trommel and integrated gravity concentrator
  • Material classifying and cleaning – Use gravity as the main physical element for separation and concentration of alluvial matter
  • Mineral Jig Recovery System – JXSC mining mineral jig series has many advantages, such as high recovery rate, high unit output, low water consumption, simple operation and high safety.
  • Low water and electricity requirements – Compared with other recovery systems, the fixture can be operated with less water. When the pulp density is up to 40% (weight), it can run efficiently. In contrast, the mortar/shoal system works best in the 10% solids content range.
  • Fine Gold Recovery System – Collect and process the jig products to recover pure gold or heavy mineral products.
  • Portability – The device is completely portable and can be quickly installed and removed
mobile jig

Support for custom

This is a piece of common suite equipment for small scale gold mining with scalability and flexibility. And if you need a custom service for your mining project, please fill the form below and our experts will help you to make the best solution.

gold wash plant

Feeding System
Name: Grizzly Hopper Feeder
Size (mm): 2000*2000
Grizzly screen space: 150mm or as required
Grizzly material: Railway tracks
Remark: Water spray pipes along hopper sides
Function: to feed the materials evenly to the scrubber and trommel

Clay Processing System Name: Clay Scrubber Size (mm): φ1200*3000 or according to processing capacity Remark: with inside water spray pipes Function: to break off hard clays to increase gold recovery

gold wash plant

Screening System
Size (mm): φ1500*3500 or according to
processing capacity
Function: for washing, screening and separating
the minerals
Water spray pipes: on both sides of the trommel
Mesh size: 12mm and 6mm or according to clients requirement

Coarse Gold Recovery System
Name: Vibrating Sluice + sluice box
Vibrating sluice type: Hydraulic type
Size: 1m*6m
Sluice box carpet: Mitsubishi brand, imported from Japan
Function: for coarse gold recovery
Recovery rate: 99%

Fine Size Gold Recovery System
Name: Knelson type centrifugal concentrator
Processing capacity: 15tph-60tph dry solids
Quantity: 2-4 pcs
Remark Fully continuous type
Function: for fine size dust gold recovery (-6mm)
Recovery Rate: 99%

Clay Processing System
Name: Clay Scrubber
Size (mm): φ1200*3000 or according to
processing capacity
Remark: with inside water spray pipes
Function: to break off hard clays to increase gold recovery rate

Powering system
Name: Cummins diesel Generator
Power: 100Kw-350Kw
Brand: Cummins, Weichai, or as required
Function: supplying power to all the systems

Gold Shaker Table
Model: 6S
Power: 2.2Kw
Function: to further process the concentrates from the sluice and/or concentrators

Mercury Amalgamator
Type: V-shaped
Working mode: amalgamator + distiller retort
Function: With the help of Mercury, to extract all the gold out from the concentrates that recovered by the sluice and concentrators
Recovery rate.100%

Gold Smelting Furnace
Capacity. 10-15kg per batch
Moulds: 100g; 200g; 500g; 1000g
Function: to smelting the gold sand and make into final product of gold bars

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