CIP gold processing plant

Gold CIP Processing

Our gold CIP (Carbon in Pulp ) plant setup is one complete mineral processing plant solution including feeding, crushing, grinding, leaching pretreatment, leaching, and activated carbon adsorption processing, gold-loaded carbon desorption and electrolytic stage, and tailing water recycle system.

It is mainly suitable for beneficiation gold-containing oxidized ore with high slime content, which is difficult to separate solid and liquid due to the high mud content of the ore. JXSC is one of the leading project suppliers for cip gold processing plants and custom processing equipment.

CIP Gold Processing plant

1. Feeding + crushing system:

The raw gold stone feed into a big hopper via excavator, there is one chute feeder under the hopper, which can feed the material into the jaw crusher evenly. Clients can make the hopper at the mine site according to the real situation. The jaw crusher crush rock from 210mm to below 60mm.The output from jaw crusher transport to next fine jaw crusher by belt conveyor. The fine jaw crusher crushes rock from 60mm to below 20mm. The output from the fine jaw crusher transport to next vibrating screen by belt conveyor. The gravel size is bigger than 20mm back to fine jaw crusher for crushing again. The smaller than 20mm output goes to the next  Storage hopper via belt conveyor, there is one  Electromagnetic vibration feeder under the hopper as well. It’s also for buffering & feeding the material evenly. Transport the fine gravel to the ball mill by a conveyor.

2. Grinding system:

The ball mill for grinding the fine gravel into fine powder to release the inside gold from rock.

The output from the ball mill goes to the spiral classifier for classifying. They return big sand back to ball mill for grinding again. To make sure the final output from grinding can meet 80% less than 200mesh( 0.074mm)

3. Leaching pretreatment :

The small fine sand powder from the spiral classifier will go to a slurry tank, use two slurry pumps to pump the slurry into a thickener. Before the slurry is transported into the thickener, there is one safety screen to screen some waste first, The under screen will go to the inside thickener directly. At the same time, the flocculant is required to add for the thickener.The overflow from the thickener goes to settling ponds, then the water can be re-cycle after precipitation.

The underflow from the thickener will flow into a mixing tank. Then use a slurry pump to pump the material into two leaching tanks. Related chemicals are needed to add accordingly here.

4. Leaching and activated carbon adsorption processing :

8pcs double impeller adsorption agitation tank with carbon and Roots blower(work for adsorption agitation tank)

5. Gold-loaded carbon desorption and electrolytic Stage:

The gold concentrates will transport to a safety screen. Then will go to normal temperature& normal pressure Desorption electrolysis system, after that Drying Oven for gold mud. Finally, use a Gold smelting furnace for melting the gold bar.

6. Tailing water recycle system :

The tailing from adsorption agitation tanks will go to a Liner vibrating screen for screening carbon first. The under-screen goes to the under tank/pond, then pump to the big cone pond or tank by a slurry pump.

Then use a filter pump to feed the slurry into the filter press for filtering and recycling the water.

The CIP gold plant is high-temperature, high-pressure, cyanide-free, and automatically controlled for desorption. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, rapidity, and low consumption. It has the advantages of fast adsorption, high recovery rate, and low investment cost.

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