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25TPH Coltan Processing Plant in Venezuela

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placer coltan ore, contains clay


in Venezuela

feed size

0-50mm, coltan size 0-3mm

Customer's request

recover Coltan ore as much as possible

Size distribution:


process flow

1. Washing stage: trommel scrubber

The material smaller than 50mm is fed to the trommel scrubber through the vibrating feeder to clean the ore containing slime, and then enter the heavy hammer crusher for crushing.

2. Crushing & screening stage: heavy duty hammer crusher, vibrating screen

The heavy hammer crusher crushes the material to less than 5mm, and the sand pump is used to hit the vibrating screen for screening, and two different sizes of material are screened, 0-2mm, 2-5mm.

3. Gravity separation: jig separator, shaking table

The 2-5mm material enters the first jig for gravity separation to obtain coltan concentrate. The 0-2mm material enters the second jig, and the separated concentrate enters the shaker for re-election to improve the concentrate grade.

Coltan Processing Plant Solutions & Flow Design

Main Equipment

Equipment nameModelPower(kw)Qty
Vibrating feeder1000*20002.22
Trommel scubber1200*4500+2000112
Hammer crusher800*800751
Slurry pump4/3111
Vibrating screen12242.22
Jig separatorJT2-233
Shaker table18451.111

Notes: in order to reduce the investment in the early stage of equipment, belt conveyors and hopper are made locally according to the site conditions.

Trommel scrubber
Trommel Scrubber
Hammer crusher
Hammer crusher
jig concentrator
Jig separator
gold shaking table
shaking table
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