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Tommel scrubber

Rotary Scrubber

Capacity: 1-200 TPH
Usage: Our high-capacity scrubber machines are mainly used to wash crushed rock, ore, sand, gravel, and other aggregates that contain water-soluble clays.
For example, our gold rotary scrubbers can effectively wash and sieve ore material containing sticky clay, mud, and get cleaner products.

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gold trommel


The gold rotary scrubber washer is also called trommel scrubber, drum washing scrubber, it is no different from other washing machines, but with some extra advantages like producing a high degree of cleanliness, so it’s been widely used in many sand and stone production lines.

Also, the rotary scrubbers are very suitable for gold, diamond, and other ore that contain water-soluble clays and muds. So it is often called gold wash trommel or diamond wash trommel.

Our JXSC’s rotary scrubbers are with two main parts: the drum scrubber and the screen. The drum scrubber part is used for washing ore, and then the screen inside is for sieving different size particles after ores washing processing. Those parts work together to remove water-soluble clays, deleterious materials, and coatings providing the final cleaner products. 

The cleaning cylinder of the trommel washing machine is powered by four tugs, the motor drives the speed reducer, and the large and small gears drive the cleaning cylinder to rotate at a low speed.
The aggregate containing mud and stone powder is fed from the feed inlet and enters the rotating drum. The wear-resistant rubber lining board with a certain angle installed in the cleaning drum is continuously brought down and moved from the feed port to the discharge end port.
During the washing process, it will circulate many times and feeding ores get washed by forward or reverse flushing water.
Finally, the cleaned aggregates are discharged through the screen at the discharge port and then dehydrated. While the wastewater containing sludge flows out through the perforated baffle at the discharge or feed end.


Highly customized rotary trommel scrubber

★Good washing effect for sticky clay material, sieving out different size ores.
★Various Process capacity , can be from 5 T/H to 250T/H as per request
★Low operating cost, easy maintenance, low noise.
★The length &diameter of drum , inside drum lined material, screen mesh, layer quantity of screen and Screen material can be customized.
★Mobile type or stationary type
★Diesel generator or electric motor


The screens of our rotary scrubbers
The screen mesh size& layer qty & screen materials can be customized.
Screen material has below choices
①PU: wear resistant, long life time, fix with screw, easy to replace
②Manganese Steel: normal material, not easy to replace, short life time
③Stainless Steel: Good quality, wear resistant.

Inner Lined Plates of rotary trommel scrubber
Inside Drum scrubber can be Lined with a plate for washing more clean sticky clean material has below choice:
①Rubber lined Plates: wear-resistant, long lifetime, fix with the screw, easy to replace
②Iron Plates Welded inside Drum: normal quality, welded, So the plates are not replaceable

lined plate
driving tyres

Rubber Tyres Driving for Rotary Scrubbers
The driving system rubber pneumatic tyre, which is high quality, wear resistant, high temperature resistant, high tolerance, famous brand.

Electric Motors
Motor is high quality, Chinese famous brand, can be speed-adjustable motor, with frequency conversion electric cabinet, make trommel scrubber
working more stable.
Huali & Simens motor and K-series Reducer


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