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Small Portable Rock Crushers


  • Small portable jaw crusher with vibrating screen
  • Small portable jaw crusher with belt conveyor
  • Small portable hammer crusher

Application: The small portable rock crushers widely used to crush and screen various rocks, stone, aggregates, construction materials and ores, including limestone, granite, marble, gypsum, basalt, iron ore, copper ore, etc crushing and sand making plant.

Small Portable Rock Crushers

Small portable rock crushers, also known as mini mobile rock crushers, are versatile and efficient machines. Mainly used for crushing stone, ores and other hard materials; usually used in mining, construction, road construction and other projects. Its compact structure and easy transportation provide a simple solution for sand, gravel, aggregate, and mineral processing production lines. Not only does it simplify the process, but also saves user’s costs and time.

JXSC rock crushers include jaw crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, and roller crusher; it can also be appropriately equipped with a vibrating screen, belt conveyor,vibrating feeder, or wheel to form small portable rock crushing plants. From small to large sand-making and crushing production lines, we can customize fixed and portable types to meet the different needs of users.

Small Portable Rock Crusher Plant

1. Portable jaw crusher with vibrating screen

It is usually used for integrated crushing and screening materials such as gravel, ore and construction waste. Adding a vibrating screen can separate fine particles from coarse particles, allowing the crushing system to obtain finished products of various sizes in one time. Highly flexible and low energy consumption increases overall productivity while ensuring that the final product meets the required specifications. Among them, the diesel engine allows the jaw crusher to operate even in remote areas or areas with limited power, without external power supply and site restrictions;

2. portable jaw crushers with belt conveyors

It’s widely used in mining, construction and other industries for material crushing and transportation. High-efficiency belt conveyors enable easy material handling and manipulation, ensuring smooth material flow. This eliminates the need for multiple trips between the production site and the stationary crusher, saving time and costs. With its efficient operation and adjustable settings, this small portable crushing plant delivers reliable performance even in tight spaces.

3. portable hammer crusher

Our small portable hammer crushers can quickly crushes, high-speed rotating hammer head and powerful impact ensure efficient crushing results with minimal energy consumption. Additionally, the portable hammer crusher features adjustable settings to control the output size according to the user’s specific requirements. Made with high-quality materials and an easy-to-move design, the JXSC portable hammer crusher is designed to withstand heavy-duty and various environmental uses and can be put into production quickly.

Product Advantages

Versatility, Efficient

Our rock crushers can handle various materials, Including ore, stone, aggregates, gravel, construction materials, etc. Excellent productivity and high efficiency crushing.

Easy to move, install and transport

This innovative all-in-one rock crushing plant is equipped with wheels or crawlers, making transporting materials to different locations easy.

Wide range of practicality

Small portable rock crusher plants can flexibly adapt to various applied environments; whether it’s a remote construction project, a quarry with limited space, or a frequently changing aggregate processing site.

Adjustable discharge particle size

It can output finished products in a variety of sizes, providing applications ranging from aggregate production to ore processing.

Environmental friendly, Saving time and cost

Our portable rock crushers typically have lower noise, reducing exhaust emissions or environmental disturbance. It has simple structure, convenient operation and easy maintenance.

Customizable rock crushers

JXSC rock crushers can usually add vibrating screen, feeder and belt conveyor to form a small crushing line. Moreover, diesel generator or motor drive device can also be selected. Contact us for customized and suitable crushing equipment based on project needs.

Product Application

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