Spiral chute

Spiral Separator

Capacity: 0.15-8t/h

Feeding size: 0.02-0.3mm

Application: fine-grained gold, iron, ilmenite, chromite, pyrite, zircon, rutile, monazite, phosphorite, tungsten ore, tin ore, tantalum-niobium ore, minerals with different specific gravity, other non-ferrous metals, rare metals and non-metallic minerals separation; and also be used for placer mining on seashores, riversides, beaches, and streams.


Introduction: FRP spiral chute combines the advantages of a spiral concentrator, spiral chute, shaker, and centrifugal concentrator, and is the best equipment for mining and beneficiation, especially sand mining in the seashore, riverside, sand beaches, and streams. Spiral chute is a device that combines the characteristics of spiral concentrator, spiral chute, shaker, and centrifugal concentrator. It is the best equipment for ore mining and beneficiation, especially for placer ore mining on seashores, riversides, sand beaches, and streams.

A spiral chute is used to select fine-grained iron, tin, tungsten, tantalum, niobium, gold ore, coal mine, monazite, rutile, zircon, and other metal and non-metallic minerals with sufficient specific gravity difference. The sorting process is stable and easy to control, the allowable range of feed concentration is wide, the enrichment ratio is high and the recovery rate is high.

working principle of Spiral separator

The spiral chute mainly uses the inertial centrifugal force generated by the minerals of different densities in the spiral rotation to achieve the separation of light and heavy minerals. Because of its simple equipment structure, low power consumption, and large processing capacity, it is widely used in the gravity separation process. Chute beneficiation belongs to the bevel flow separation process. The slurry is given to a certainly inclined chute. Under the impetus of water flow, the ore particles are loose and layered. The upper layer of light minerals is quickly discharged from the tank, and the lower layer of heavy minerals is retained in the tank or discharged from the lower part at a low speed. After that, concentrate and tailings are obtained.

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