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Feldspar Processing Plant

Feldspar mainly contains iron minerals, and its impurities include clay, quartz, mica, garnet, beryl and so on. Generally, magnetic separation, gravity separation, flotation and combined process are used for separation.

According to the types of feldspar deposits and ore properties, customize the appropriate feldspar mining process and equipment, and recover high-quality feldspar concentrate

Feldspar benefication Process

Feldspar is an aluminosilicate mineral containing calcium, sodium, and potassium. There are many kinds of it, such as orthoclase (potassium feldspar), albite, anorthite, micro plagioclase, sanidine, etc. The feldspar beneficiation process is mainly magnetic and flotation separation for mineral processing.

  • Magnetic separation: It is used for the separation of iron minerals, biotite, tourmaline and other magnetic minerals in feldspar ore.
  • Flotation separation: It can not only remove iron and titanium minerals in potassium feldspar, but also realize the separation of feldspar and quartz, and improve the quality of feldspar concentrate.

According to the type of ore deposit, the common feldspar beneficiation process flow mainly includes the following four types:

1. High-quality feldspar produced in pegmatite: hand selection crushing wet grinding classifying.
2. Feldspar in weathered granite: washing crushing grinding classification – flotation (removal of iron and mica or separation of feldspar and quartz).
3. Feldspar in fine crystal rock: crushing grinding screening – magnetic separation.
4. Feldsparous placer: washing mud – screening or flotation to separate quartz.
In feldspar ore, iron mineral is an impurity that has a great influence on feldspar concentrate. It will affect the color of feldspar concentrate and reduce the quality of concentrate. Therefore, iron removal is an important link in feldspar beneficiation.

Feldspar Mining Process

1. Ore Washing: Mainly to remove impurities such as clay, fine mud and mica in potassium feldspar, reduce the content of ferric oxide in potassium feldspar, and increase the content of potassium and sodium. Suitable for separation of weathered granite or feldspar placer.

2. Crushing & Screening: Faldspar coarse crusher and fine crushing are generally used, and vibrating screen screening ensures the qualification of the ore particle size entering the next stage of the process.

3. Grinding & classifying: Generally, one-stage or two-stage grinding is used to grind ore economically to any particle size required for mineral processing. According to the requirements of technology and feldspar properties, grinding can be divided into dry grinding and wet grinding.

4. Separation stage: According to the nature of the ore, select the appropriate beneficiation process.

  • For weak magnetic minerals such as iron oxide, mica and garnet in potassium feldspar ore, it should be adopt strong magnetic separation process.
  • When the iron-containing impurities in potassium feldspar are pyrite, mica, or iron-containing alkali metal silicate minerals such as garnet and tourmaline, or potassium feldspar with non-magnetic impurities, the flotation process is often used to clean up.
  • Potassium feldspar containing fine-grained or iron-stained impurities that are refractory to separation should be processed by combined flotation-magnetic separation process, scrubbing-magnetic separation-flotation and other combined processes.

Feldspar Processing plant

1. Feldspar flotation + Magnetic separation process

Raw feldspar ore information: contains iron, calcium, mica, and other impurities, so the feldspar ore dressing process including magnetic separation, flotation or gravity separation, so as to remove iron, mica and other impurities to obtain high-grade feldspar.

1. Crushing section: Utilize coarse jaw crusher, fine jaw crusher and vibrating screen to form a closed crushing circuit, so as to make 200mm rock ore down to 20mm.

2. Grinding section: Utilize ball mill and spiral classifier to form closed grinding circuit, so as to achieve more than 90% discharging size 200mesh(0.074mm).

3. Magnetic separation: Low intensity magnetic separator can remove magnetite(Fe3O4), and high intensity magnetic separation can remove hematite, limonite, ilmenite(Fe2O3)

4. Flotation separation: The flotation process is used to remove impurities in the feldspar ore further, so as to obtain high-grade feldspar concentrate.

5. Dewatering process for concentrate: Use a slurry pump to send concentrate to the thickener, the overflow of thickener goes to a clear water pond, and the underflow goes to disc filer machine for dehydration. After being dehydrated by a disc filter machine, the moisture concentration is less than 10%.

6. Tailing dry discharging process: All tailings are first pumped to cone thickener for adjusting the suitable concentration, the overflow of cone thickener go to recycled clear water pond, and the underflow go to plate filter machine for dehydration, finally the moisture of tailing is less than 10%, this is dry stacking tailings process.

2. feldspar Grinding + Magnetic Separation plant

  • Jaw crusher
  • Ball mill
  • Spiral classifier
  • High-intensity magnetic separator
  • Trommel scrubber

Crushing stage: The raw ore is roughly crushed by the jaw crusher, and then sent to the fine jaw crusher by the belt conveyor for secondary crushing. Thus, it makes sure the particle size of the material entering the grinding section is qualified;

Grinding stage: The crushed material enters the powder silo, and is sent to the ball mill and classifier to form closed-circuit grinding, and the coarse particles are returned to the ball mill for secondary grinding;

Magnetic separation: The material enters the high-intensity magnetic separator for separation. The trommel scrubber then washed the soil to obtain qualified feldspar powder, which is then transported to the finished product warehouse by the belt conveyor.

Feldspar Processing Equipment

Jaw Crusher
Crushing machine
Ball mill
Ball mill
trommel scrubber
Trommel scrubber
types of mining magnetic separators
Flotation & Magnetic

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