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spiral classifier

Spiral Classifier

Capacity: 10-900 t/24h; Up to 150% spiral submergence

Spiral diameter: 300-3000mm; Single, double or triple pitch spirals are available

Application: It is often combined with a ball mill to form a closed-circuit cycle to divert ore sand; classification in the grinding circuit of all mineral processing plant, sand and gravel plant, and desliming and dewatering in sand washing operations.


Introduction: Spiral classifier and hydrocyclone are the main equipments for the classification operation of the concentrator. Although the rapid development of the cyclone once made the spiral classifier lose its market, but with the continuous changes in the requirements of the selection plant, it was found that the spiral classifier also has its advantages.
The spiral centrifugal classifier has the advantages of strong continuous operation, large processing capacity, low energy consumption per unit output, and convenient maintenance. It can handle particles with a diameter of 1um-10mm.
The horizontal spiral centrifugal classifier adopts the method of wet classification, and its processing capacity can reach 1~20 (m3 slurry) kg/h. It is widely used in minerals, metal powders, chemical raw materials, pigments, fillers, etc.

Main application: 1. Combined with ball mill to form a closed-circuit circulation process to separate the ore (gold, copper, manganese, chrome, lithium, etc);
2. Used for classification ore sand and fine mud;
3. In the metal beneficiation process, the particle size of the pulp is classified;
4. Desliming, dewatering and other operations in ore washing operations.

Types: There are four classifiers: high weir single spiral and double spiral, submerged single spiral and double spiral.

  • High weir spiral classifier is suitable for coarse particle classification, the maximum size of overflow is generally 0.4~0.15mm;
  • Submerged spiral classifier is suitable for fine particle classification, the maximum size of overflow is generally below 0.2mm.

How does spiral classifier work?

The screw classifier is based on the principle that the solid particles are different in size and specific gravity, so the settling speed in the liquid is different. Fine ore particles float in the water and overflow, and coarse ore particles sink to the bottom of the tank.
Spiral classifier is widely used in beneficiation plant to match with ball mill to form a closed circuit circulation path to distribute ore sand. Filter the material powder milled in the mill, and then use the spiral piece to screw the coarse material into the ball mill inlet, and the filtered fine material is discharged from the overflow pipe.

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