Gravel Pump

Capacity: 36-4320 m3/H

Size: 4″ to 18″

Head: 5-80 mm

Speed: 300-2930 rpm

Handling solids: 0-260 mm

Concentration: 0-70%

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gravel pump
gravel pump


Introduction: Gravel pumps are horizontal single-casing slurry pumps with wide passage to transfer sand or slurry with big particle size. The wet parts lare made of Ni-hard and high-Chrome alloys to ensure long service life.MPG gravel pumps has far better performance than common pumps in dredging, sand mining, barge loading and mineral processing, etc. Featured with all the advantages of MPG, MPGH series gravel pumps have achieved extra high head for special working conditions.

Application Of Gravel Pump

  • 14/12G-G gravel pumps-generally used as dredger dredging pumps, river dredging pumps, sand pumping pumps for sand dredgers, mining and metal smelting explosion slag pumps, etc. 
  • The GH type is a high-lift gravel pump, which is mainly used for continuous transportation of large particles and strong abrasive materials that are too large to be transported by ordinary slurry pumps.
  • G/GH sand gravel slurry pump is used to transport strong abrasive and large particle slurry. Such as: mining, metal smelting explosion slag transportation, mud boat dredging, river dredging, etc.


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