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Chrome ore beneficiation mainly includes gravity separation, flotation and magnetic separation. The magnetic separation process can process chromite with better magnetic permeability to further improve the concentrate grade.

JXSC support customized chrome ore process plants including washing, crushing, grinding, gravity and magnetic separation equipment, with low cost and maximize recovery ore.

  Chrome Beneficiation Process

Chrome has strong siderophilicity, and ferrochrome is often associated, also called chromite. Chrome ore beneficiation aims to extract chromium minerals from raw ore and remove impurities to obtain high-quality chrome concentrate. Generally speaking, chrome ore contains a certain amount of iron, so gravity separation and magnetic separation combined beneficiation is a relatively common process.

  • Gravity separation: Chrome ore often exists together with other minerals and physical separation can be achieved through gravity separation. This method suits chrome ore with large particles and obvious density differences.
  • Flotation: Under the action of flotation agents, the chrome ore particles and foam are raised together to achieve separation. The flotation method is suitable for separating ores with more impurities such as chromium-containing oxide ores, sulfide ores, and silicates.
  • Magnetic separation: This method is suitable for separating iron ore, nickel iron ore, etc.

Usually, multiple methods such as washing, crushing, grinding, gravity separation, magnetic separation and electric separation are combined to increase the beneficiation effect.

  Chrome Ore Processing Plant

1. Alluvial Chrome Wash Plant


This complete system is a 150 t/h alluvial chrome wash plant configured with

  • Vibrating feeder
  • Trommel screen
  • Belt conveyor
  • Slurry pump
  • Spiral chutes

The raw ore information is as below:

Feeding capacity 150 tons per hour
Chrome concentrate size less than 2mm
0-2mm mineral in raw ore about 70%
Raw ore doesn’t contain sticky clay

1. Feeding: Excavator or truck send raw ore into the raw material hopper, through vibrating feeder evenly feeds trommel screen. The vibrating feeder with grizzly bar, gap 75mm, and over 75mm rock will be sent to the waste stockpile via belt conveyor.

2. Washing stage: 0-75mm material is sent to trommel screen for sieving out 0-2mm and 2-75mm. The belt conveyor sends 2-75mm material to the waste stockpile. Then, 0-2mm material is sent to the slurry tank.

3. Gravity separation: Chrome concentrate from two stages of spiral chute groups are sent to the concentrated pool.

  • Use the slurry pump to send 0-2mm to the first stage spiral chute group to separate chrome concentrate, middling and tailing. And tailing enter the tailing pool.
  • Middling from the first stage spiral chute group to the second stage spiral chute group by slurry pump to recover more chrome concentrate.

Reasonable equipment and chrome wash process design help improve the grade of chrome concentrate and maximize the mineral recovery rate.

2. Rock Chromite Processing Plant

For rock chrome ore processing, crushing, grinding and other chrome mining equipment are needed.

This Setup is a rock chrome processing plant, it is configured with

  • Vibrating feeder
  • Jaw crusher
  • Cone crusher
  • Vibrating screen
  • Ball mill
  • Spiral chutes
  • Shaking tables

1. Crushing stage: The vibrating feeder evenly feeds the raw ore into the primary jaw crusher. The primary jaw crusher is used to crush large pieces of chromium ore into smaller sizes, and its output enters the cone crusher for fine crushing, thereby improving the crushing effect.

2. Screening stage: The material is sent to the vibrating screen through the belt conveyor with iron remover, and more than 20mm material is returned to the cone crusher for crushing. The material with a 0-20mm particle size under the sieve enters the storage bin before entering the ball mill.

2. Grinding stage: The electromagnetic vibrating feeder and belt conveyor send the material into the ball mill and grind it to a 0-20mm fine powder. It is combined with a spiral classifier, and about 80% of the slurry overflowed by the classifier is 200 mesh powder. The oversized particles will be returned to the ball mill to form a closed loop mill.

3. Recovery stage: 200-mesh slurry is pumped into the spiral chute and shaking tables. The spiral chute is used for primary concentration, and all the heavy concentrate discharged from the secondary spiral group enters the shaker for re-concentration to obtain higher-grade chrome concentrate.

The design of this device can be customized according to the customer’s chrome ore situation; if higher-grade chrome concentrate is required, it can be considered to add a strong magnetic separator at the final stage.

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