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Glass Bottle Crusher

Processing capacity: 150-1500 pieces/hour or customizable

Application scenarios: these glass bottle crushers are mainly applied for waste glass recycling stations, glass processing centers, pharmaceutical companies and alcohol manufacturers, glass manufacturing plants, bars, hotels, breweries, etc.

Applicable materials: crushing beer bottles, syrup bottles, glass beverage bottles, glass jars, automobile glass, window glass, vaccine glass bottles, infusion bottles, perfume bottles, cosmetic bottles, experimental utensils, etc.

What Is Glass bottle crusher

A glass bottle crusher or glass bottle pulverizer/ grinder/ shredder, is a machine used to crush glass bottles/ containers into sand, small pieces or powders. These glass crusher machines are commonly used in processes typically used to recycle, reuse or dispose of glass materials to process discarded glass containers into reusable raw materials. It’ ‘s specifically designed to provide crushing equipment and solutions for glass to sand. The crushed glass bottles are smaller in size, saving storage and transportation space. Our glass crushing machines are the perfect recycling solution for companies that are producing vast amounts of glass bottle waste.

The principle of glass bottle crusher: Usually, glass bottles are placed into the crushing chamber or area of a crusher, and then strong mechanical force is used to break the glass into small pieces or sand.

Types of Glass bottle crusher

Our glass bottle crushers are also available in different types of operation, including manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic models. Manual models require an operator to manually feed and control the crushing process, while semi- and fully-automatic models are more efficient and often include automatic feeding and discharge systems. JXSC provides six types of glass bottle crushers: small-large scale, mobile and cabinet-type, hammer crushing machines. It can be operated safely and easily using a universal power outlet. The specific glass crusher selection depends on glass products’ crushing particle size requirements.

Glass bottle crusher For Sale

GB101-Glass bottle crusher

GB101 - Mobile glass crusher

The glass bottle crusher is powerful crushing equipment in a small package that safely crushes waste glass bottles into sand. It can reduce the volume of glass bottles by 75%, thus greatly saving storage space. It can crush 5-10 glass bottles per minute, completely maintaining the material’s physical state.

Features of mobile glass crusher


Tool materialsHigh quality alloy steel material
Control boxAll electrical components have passed CE certification, with stable performance and long service life.
Processing capacity150~200kg/h
Machine materialsThe main body is made of carbon steel, and the tools are made of high-quality alloy steel.
Discharge size5~15mm
Entrance size200mm*200mm
Glass bottle crusher-GB201

GB201 - Cabinet Type Glass bottle crusher

The GB201 crusher is a hand-fed, quiet-operating glass bottle crusher machine designed for small recycling and commercial applications. It can be installed under a standard bar or hotel counter, and the material volume can be reduced by 80%.

Features Of Cabinet-Type glass bottle crusher


Crushing speed1450 rpm
Tool materialsHigh-quality alloy steel material;
control boxAll electrical components have passed CE certification, with stable performance and long service life.
processing capacity150 ~ 200 pieces/hour
Machine materialsThe main body is made of carbon steel, and the tools are made of high-quality alloy steel;
Discharge size8 ~ 20mm (powder)

GB301 - Small Glass bottle crusher

The small glass bottle crusher, or vaccine bottle crusher, is a crushing machine specially designed and developed for small customers and individual private enterprises. It is commonly used to crush ampoule vials, penicillin, vaccine vials, etc. The main purpose is to prevent the reuse of pharmaceutical glass bottles through physical crushing.

Features of Small Glass bottle crusher


plastic filling box500mm*400mm*360mm
Feed port diameter220*220mm
size600mm * 1000mm
processing capacity300kg/hour
Discharge sizeUsually: 20~50mm, or customized
Machine weight130kg
Glass bottle crusher-GB401

GB401 - Large Glass bottle crusher

GB401 glass bottle crusher is a multi-feed crushing machine and can accept a large number of glass bottles. It can crush 50-100 glass bottles in 1 minute. We can customize cutters and spacers for effective crushing force. After crushing, the glass bottle fragments are about 10-50 mm.

Features of GB401 - Glass bottle crusher


Model GB401
power 7.5kW
Voltage 380V/50Hz/3 phase or customized
Tool materials High quality alloy steel material;
control box All electrical components have passed CE certification, with stable performance and long service life;
processing capacity 1000 ~ 1500 pieces/hour;
Machine materials The main body is made of carbon steel, and the tools are made of high-quality alloy steel;
Discharge size 30~50mm;
Knife box size 380mm * 360mm
gross weight 750kg
size 1100*960*1600mm
small glass bottle crusher

GB220 - Mini glass crusher

This is a compact glass bottle crusher with simple design and operation, providing crushing solutions for various glass products in small and medium-sized bars, homes, hotels, etc. Mainly turns glass into a sharp-free sand-like material.

Features of Mini glass bottle crusher

hammer glass bottle crusher

Hammer glass crusher

The glass crusher can achieve coarse, medium and fine crushing of various glass materials simultaneously without secondary crushing and shaping, which is more worry-free. The hammer glass crusher machine adopts an advanced structural design and low noise. Hammer crusher has a built-in screening effect and can be molded at once, and the finished product is is one of the best aggregates.

Features of Hammer glass crusher


Model Input size(mm) Output size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kW) Weight (t)
PC400 * 300 <100 <10 5-10 11 0.8
PC600 * 400 <120 <15 10-25 18.5 1.5
PC800 * 600 <120 <15 20-35 55 3.1
PC1000 * 800 <200 <13 20-40 110 7.9
PC1000 * 1000 <200 <15 30-80 132 8.65
PC1300 * 1200 <250 <19 80-200 240 13.6

Why Choose JXSC Glass Bottle Crusher

Various types to choose

Manufacturer of mobile, cabinet, small, large scale and six types glass bottle crusher machine

Versatility Crusher

Adaptable to crushing various types and sizes of glass bottles; it can be used for fine crushing glass into sand.

Simple operation

Easily start the glass bottle crusher machine with a universal power outlet.

High strength and durability

Made of wear-resistant material, it can withstand long-term use and has a long service life.

Strong safety factor

The feeding port is automatically closed, sealed structure, strong safety and environmental protection.

Factory Price & Customizable

Low energy consumption, cost; customizable glass crushing equipment.

Application cases

GB201 Crusher For Crushing Glass bottle To Sand

GB220 glass bottle crushing machine Working Site

Small Beer bottle Glass Crusher Equipment application

JXSC Hammer Glass Crusher For Crushing beer bottle

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