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submersible slurry pump

submersible slurry pump

Flow Capacity: 15-2000 m³/h

Max Feeding Particle: ≤13-60mm

Power: 5.5-315 Kw

Application: It’s commonly used in industries such as mining, dredging and wastewater treatment to transport abrasive solids and slurries.


Introduction: Submersible slurry pump is a pump used to transport a mixture of liquid and solid particles with high concentration, high specific gravity and high viscosity. It is usually used to process media containing solid particles such as ore slurry and mud. The impeller, pump body and other components of our submersible slurry pump are usually made of special materials or coatings for wear-resistant treatment to ensure long-term stable operation. It has strong advantages in handling liquids with high solid content and can effectively solve transportation and processing problems in various industrial productions. According to different application scenarios and requirements, submersible slurry pumps are available in a variety of models and specifications to meet the needs of different users.

Features Of Submersible slurry pump

  • Submersible slurry pumps can efficiently transport liquids, reduce energy consumption, and improve production efficiency.
  • Its compact design makes it suitable for installation in tight spaces or remote locations, providing flexibility in a variety of industrial environments.
  • It is capable of operating underwater without manual intervention or additional diving equipment.
  • This pump is made of highly wear-resistant materials, such as cast chrome alloy, rubber, etc., which can resist the wear of the pump body by solid particles and extend the service life of the pump.
  • Submersible slurry pumps are usually installed in the medium, with the motor part located above the liquid surface, and the pump body and pump shaft located in the medium. This can avoid leakage and pump overheating during medium pumping.

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Submersible slurry pump
Submersible slurry pump
Submersible slurry pump


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