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Trough feeder

Trough Feeder

Feeding capacity: 5-30 t/h

Applicable industries: Trough feeders are widely used in the chemical industry, mining, metallurgy, construction, mineral processing, coal, and other industries.

Suitable materials: Suitable for short-distance transportation of iron ore, copper ore, gold ore, coal, limestone, gravel, sand, aggregate, and other ores, rocks, and minerals.

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trough feeder
Chute feeder
chute feeder
trough feeder


A trough feeder, a chute feeder, or a reciprocating feeder is a feeding equipment used earlier to discharge ore storage tanks. The trough feeder mainly feeds lump and granular materials from the storage silo to various receiving devices, but it is not suitable for conveying concentrate powder and other powdery materials. It can be erected on the ground or hoisted on the ore bin or discharge port. It is mainly used as feeding equipment for jaw crushers and other equipment that require uniform feeding.

Features Of Trough Feeder

  • Made of durable materials such as metal steel, reinforced plastic, or wood for long service life;
  • Trough feeder designs can be customized and easily maintained to meet the specific requirements of different mining applications;
  • Integrate with other conveyor systems for seamless material handling within mining facilities.
  • The angle of the trough is adjustable, allowing the operator to control the flow characteristics of the material being conveyed.

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