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Capacity: 5-400 t/24h

Application: dewatering process of concentrates and tailings in the mineral processing plant. Our thickener is specifically designed for the mineral processing industry and tailing processing.

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Thickeners are recognized as one of the most cost-effective technologies for water recovery from concentrate and tailings streams. The concentrated slurry from the thickening process is transported to the tailings dam for disposal and the recycled water is returned to the processing plant.
In the process of thickening (also called sedimentation), the solids in a suspension settle under the influence of gravity in a tank and form a thick pulp. This pulp, and the clear liquid at the top of the tank, can be removed continuously or intermittently.
In comparison with filtration, thickening offers the advantage of low operation costs; on the other hand, it has the disadvantage of leaving a higher moisture content in the pulp. For this reason, the dewatering of pulps containing fine particles often involves a combination of thickening and filtration. The thickening of finely grained pulps is often aided by the use of flocculating agents.

working principle of Thickener

To start with, mineral thickener works on the principle of Gravity sedimentation and the most common construction of a thickener would be of iron or steel.
The continuous thickener consists of a cylindrical tank. Pulp is fed into the centre of the tank via a feed-well placed up to 1 m below the surface of the suspension. The clarified liquid overflows a trough, while the solids which settle at the bottom of the tank are withdrawn as a thickened pulp from an outlet at the centre. One or more rotating radial arms are there within the tank, from each of which are suspended a series of blades, shaped so as to rake the settled solids towards the central outlet.

Types Of Thickener

1.Common Thickener
The common thickener has reliable operation and low operating cost, and can store and buffer the feed. It is the most widely used concentration equipment in concentrator. According to its transmission mode, it can be divided into central transmission type and peripheral transmission type; According to the number of working face, it can be divided into single layer, double layer and multi-layer thickener. Because of its large diameter, this kind of thickener occupies a large area and has low production capacity per unit area.And because it is based on the gravity settlement of particles, the settlement speed is proportional to the square of the diameter of particles,so it has low efficiency to deal with fine materials.

2.Inclined Plate Thickener
The inclined plate thickener is equipped with many inclined plates on the upper part of the cylinder tank of the common thickener. These inclined plates are inclined to the center of the thickener along the circumferential direction, and the included angle with the horizontal is about 60 °. These measures accelerate the separation of ore particles, shorten the settling time of materials, strengthen the separation and settling process, improve the concentration efficiency, reduce the capital investment, and increase the production capacity by about three times.

3.High Efficiency Thickener
In addition to the inclined plate installed in the thickener, the high efficiency thickener has a special flocculant adding mechanism. The diameter of the thickener can be reduced to 1 / 3-1 / 2 of that of the common thickener, and the floor area is only 1 / 9-1 / 4 of that of the common thickener. However, the processing capacity per unit area has increased by dozens of times. It is a new type of high-efficiency thickener which is increasingly widely used.

The above is according the physical structure to divide the thickener. It can also be divided into peripheral drive thickener and central drive thickener accord the drive mode. Different thickeners are suitable for different sites, different pulp, different scales, etc. If you need a thickener, you can consult our mining machinery technicians to select the most suitable thickener according to the actual situation.

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