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wet pan mill

Wet Pan Mill

Capacity: 0.5-6t/h

Feeding: <30mm

Discharge: 0.074-0.6mm

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wet pan mill
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The wet mill is the full name of the wet pan grinding mill. According to the different applications, it is divided into the gold mill, amalgam mill, iron mill, and electric mill;
According to the different structure, it is divided into single pan mill, double pan mill and three pan mill.

It is used for grinding operations of various ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and non-metallic minerals, as well as grinding, beneficiation and processing operations of rare and precious metals gold and silver. Wet pan mill is the optimal first grinding equipment for the majority of small-scale beneficiation plants, alternative equipment for ball mills.

Working principle

The electric motor transmits the power to the reducer. Under the drive of the reducer, the rolling wheel obtains the driving force and rotates counterclockwise along the horizontal direction of the horizontal axis.
The added ore material is subjected to squeezing force from the weight of the wheel in the mill, and the huge friction force generated by the wheel during rotation and rotation of the wheel and the grinding disc is completely crushed after repeated extrusion, kneading and grinding.

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Why Choose US

JXSC Wet Pan Mill VS Other Pan Mills

#1 Roller and Base


1. Good raw materiel (Mn,Iron).
2. Weight reach 1.5 t each (wheel), 1.2t (base)
3. No sand holes.
4. Smooth surface.

pan mill


1. Low-quality raw material.
2. Many sand holes which lead to mercury and
gold missing.
3. Low working efficiency.

#2 Basin


1. Thickness: National standard 6mm.


1. Thickness:3mm

pan mill

#3 Welding


1. Carbon dioxide arc welding:Double-side welding can get through parent metal easily and increase intensity, no slurry leak age from the joint;
2. Electric-charge able liquid helps avoid iron liquid scattering around when welding and makes the outlook perfect.

wet pan mill


1. Manual welding:low temperature; uneven welding seam; One-side welding;
2. Without using electric-chargeable liquid, scattering
liquid makes the plate surface uneven.
3. Low temperature;uneven welding there is slurry leakage from the joint.

#4 Electric motor


1. The stator coil is with long service life. pure copper wire
2. The motor is equipped with imported bearing, which has good mute effect and normal operation at high speed and high temperature.

wet pan mill


1. The stator coil is made of aluminum wire with copper plating, which has a short service life.
2. Ordinary bearing noise, coil is easy to be heated, would affect the operation.

wet pan mill

#5 Bear


ZWZ bear

wet pan mill bear


Common bear

#6 Painting


1. Porcelain glazed paint with once bottom painting and once surface painting
2. More waterproof, effectively prevent rust
3. Professional color palette, so that customers have more choices.

wet pan mill


Ordinary paint, easy to rust

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