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Tantalum Niobium Tin Ore Processing Plant

Tantalum Niobium Ore Processing

Tantalum niobium ore refers to the general term for minerals containing tantalum and niobium, and there are more than 100 species. Which can be used for ore mining, mainly from tantalite, niobium iron ore and pyrochlore. Focusing on the manufacture of these mining equipment for 30 years has allowed us to take the lead in the processing of tantalum and niobium.

Tantalum niobium ore mining process

The mining and processing equipment of tantalum and niobium ore is generally divided into roughing equipment and concentrate equipment. The roughing mostly adopts the method of washing and gravity separation for enrichment, discarding a large amount of waste rock in the ore, and then entering the separation process. The separation methods of ore are magnetic separation method, flotation method, electric separation method, etc.

The specific beneficiation method should be determined according to the specific nature and composition of the ore.

  • Ore washing: For the extraction of tantalum and niobium ore with large mud content and strong viscosity, washing operation is essential. The washing of tantalum and niobium ore usually adopts large cylindrical washing machine, which is washed and deslimed by the rotary scrubber.
  • Crushing & Grinding:The mined tantalum and niobium ore is firstly crushed by a hammer crusher, crushed to a reasonable fineness, and then evenly sent to a ball mill through a hoist and a feeder, and the ore is crushed and ground by the ball mill.
  • Grading:The tantalum-niobium ore fines ground by the ball mill enter the next process – classification. Based on the principle that the specific gravity of solid particles is different and the speed of precipitation in the liquid is different, the spiral classifier cleans and classifies the ore mixture.
  • Gravity separation: The raw ore contains tantalite, niobite, cassiterite, zircon sand, ilmenite, monazite and other useful metals. The raw ore content is low, but the monomer dissociation degree of useful minerals and waste rock is very high, and the specific gravity difference is relatively large, and the tantalum-niobium ore composite concentrate with good purity can be extracted by jig gravity separation. The shaking table has high separation accuracy. After one separating, high-grade concentrate or waste tailings can be obtained, and multiple products can be picked up at the same time.
  • Magnetic separation: When the washed and classified tantalum-niobium mineral mixture passes through the magnetic separator, due to the different specific magnetic susceptibility coefficients of various minerals, the magnetic substances in the mixture are separated by magnetic force and mechanical force.

Tantalum niobium ore processing plant

The principles for determining the beneficiation method of tantalum-niobium ore equipment are, firstly, the selectivity of ore when adopting this beneficiation method, and secondly, the economy of adopting this beneficiation method. We adopt a beneficiation method with good selectivity and maximum economic benefits.

This setup is a 200tph Tantalum Niobium Tin Processing Plant:

It is configured with two sets of vibrating feeders, one set of trommel screens, one set of vibrating screens, eight sets of jig separators, eight sets of shaking tables, one set primary jaw crusher, one set of secondary fine crushing jaw crusher, two sets of third crushing hammer crusher, four sets of slurry pump,  one set of three discs magnetic separator and four sets of conveyors. 

  1. The trucks load the raw material to the first vibrating feeder equipped with a 70mm grid sieve. The +70mm will be sent to the transfer silo by the 1st conveyors.
  2. The 0-70mm material will be sent to the trommel scrubber with 8mm and 15mm screens to wash and separate. The 0-8mm material will be sent to the vibrating screen with a 2mm sieve to separate again. And 8-15mm materials will be sent to two jig separators to concentrate. The 15-70mm material will be sent to the transit silo too. 
  3. After vibrating screen separating, 0-2mm material will be sent two jig separators, each jig will be equipped with two shaking tables for further selection. 2-8mm material will be sent to two sets of jig separators to concentrate.
  4. The concentrate of 2-8mm and 8-15mm material after jig separating will be sent to the drying yard directly.
  5. The material in the transit silo will be fed to the primary jaw crusher by the 2nd vibrating feeder under the silo.  6. the output of the primary jaw crusher will be sent to the secondary crushing to crush to 0-20mm.
  6. After secondary crushing, the material will be sent to the hammer crusher to crush to 0-2mm. The 0-2mm will be stored in a pool with water.  And then they will be pumped to the rest two jig separators equipped with two shaking tables for further selection. 
  7. All the concentrates of the shaking table will be sent to the drying yard to dry by the sun or other dryers. The dried  0-2mm contrate will be separated by the three-disc magnetic separator. In the end, magnetite, ilmenite or hematite, tantalum-niobium concentrate, non-magnetic materials will be distinguished.

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Tantalum-niobium ore process plant site
Tantalum-niobium ore process plant site
Tantalum-niobium ore process plant site

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