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Belt pressure filter

Belt Pressure Filter

Capacity: 0.5-30TPH

Application: Mainly used in sewage treatment plants, metallurgy, chemical industry, coal washing, mining, sand and gravel plants, artificial sand making, sand washing plants, and wastewater treatment in environmental protection projects; dehydration and solid-liquid separation operations such as tailings mud, mineral processing wastewater, sand washing mud, sand plant sludge, etc.


Introduction: The belt pressure filter is a solid-liquid separation equipment that mainly squeezes sludge to force water through a permeable medium to achieve sludge dehydration, dry slurry transportation, and clean water recycling. Among them, the dehydration process mainly has four stages: pretreatment, gravity dehydration, wedge zone pre-pressure dehydration, and press dehydration. In the mineral processing plant, belt pressure filter is especially suitable for filtering and dewatering sludge from sand washing plants, coarse-grained and heavy mineral (such as tungsten and tin) concentrates, and can also be used for filtering and dehydrating coarse-grained coal in coal preparation plants.

Advantages Of Belt Pressure Filter

  • It adopts fully automatic water removal, no manual supervision is required, and continuous production is possible;
  • The belt pressure filter has large processing capacity and can quickly squeeze the mud into dry mud, and the filter cake has low moisture content;
  • The pressed water is clean water, which can be recycled or discharged, and has good environmental protection effect;
  • Integrated design of concentration, press filtration and dehydration, ultra-long gravity dehydration zone, high efficiency.

Working principle

The belt filter press uses the crawler belt’s tension and the pressing hub’s extruder to achieve solid-liquid separation. Under the action of flocculant, the fine particles of the material aggregate into flocs and precipitate into sludge. The sludge is evenly sent to the mesh belt through the distribution hopper and runs forward with the filter belt. When the material passes between the two circulation belts, it will be under pressure, forming a wedge-shaped area at the entrance to complete slight squeeze dehydration. Then, the upper and lower filter belts clamp the material around the press roller for repeated squeezing and shearing. Finally, mud and water can be separated to the greatest extent, and a filter cake can be formed and discharged.

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Belt pressure filter
Belt pressure filter

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