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impact crusher

Impact crusher

Capacity: 10-350 t/h

Feeding size: <800mm

Application: All kinds of coarse, medium and fine materials (granite, limestone, concrete, etc.) with compressive strength not exceeding 350MPa


Introduction: Impact crushers are widely used in the mineral processing plant, with high production efficiency and good safety performance. The finished product has a cubic shape, avoiding stretching and cracking, and have a better grain size distribution.
Impact crusher is the use of impact instead of pressure to break the material. According to the arrangement type of impact rotor and shaft, impact crushers can be further divided into horizontal shaft impact crushers (HSI) and vertical shaft impact crushers (VSI).

working principle of impact crusher

The rotor of the impact crusher rotates in a fixed direction by the driving action of the V-belt connected to the motor. There are multiple sets of suspended impact plates above the rotor. The material enters the crushing cavity through the feed hole and feed guide. The blower rod fixed on the rotor impacts the feed to the impact plate, and then falls from the impact plate onto the blocks of materials that collide with each other.
Therefore, the material will repeatedly move in the crushing cavity composed of the rotor, impact plate/anvil, hammer/strike bar, so as to mainly act on the strong impact phenomenon and crush the material along its natural cracks. So bulge. By adjusting the angle and distance of the impact anvil, the gap between the impact plate and the hammer/hammer can be adjusted according to actual needs. By changing the rotor speed, input feed rate and grinding screen configuration, you can easily control product output.

Features of impact crusher

Maintain a more constant gradient and greater top size control; less cost and operation expense; High degree of product size control; Long service life of easy wear parts; Large inlet, deep crushing cavity, high reduction ratio (20:1); Easy to operate and maintain.

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impact crusher
impact crusher
impact crusher
impact crusher
impact crusher

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