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The principle of magnetic separation is to selectively separate magnetic particles from a mixture with other non-magnetic particles based on the size and magnetic properties of the particles.

Application: Separation of metal minerals: hematite, limonite, siderite, ilmenite, chromite, wolframite, tantalum niobium ore, iron ore;
Iron removal and purification of non-metallic minerals: feldspar, zircon, quartz, fluorite, spodumene, kaolin, tourmaline, garnet; or recovery of iron from beach sand.

Magnetic separators supplier

JXSC is a magnetic separator manufacturer with more than 38 years of experience, with a variety of types to choose from, including wet, three-disc dry, high-intensity, flat-plate magnetic separators, etc. Magnetic separation is widely used in various industries to separate magnetic and non-magnetic materials. Magnetic separation equipment effectively removes unwanted ferrous contaminants from raw materials. Improves the recovery rate of high-purity and quality finished products in mining, providing an efficient and environmentally friendly solution for separating ferrous from non-ferrous materials. Versatile and can be customized to meet specific operational needs.

Types of magnetic separators

Magnetic separators for sale


Capacity: 0.5-180 t/h

Wet drum magnetic separator is a commonly used and widely used magnetic separation equipment for iron and manganese ore in mineral processing plants. Separating magnetic minerals from 3~0mm fine particle mixture. It is mainly used for iron removal and purification in non-metallic ores such as quartz sand and potassium feldspar.


  • With permanent magnets, continuous feeding and discharging and short downtime.
  • The high-strength and high-reliability mechanical structure ensures the normal operation of the equipment in various harsh environments.
  • According to users’ needs, various types of magnetic separation equipment with different surface strengths such as downstream, semi-countercurrent, and countercurrent types can be provided.


Capacity: 100-500 Kg/h

The 3-disc magnetic separator is mainly used to dryly separate granular minerals, such as titanium ore, zircon, rutile, feldspar, quartz, tungsten-tin ore and coltan. The selection of metal minerals or the iron remover of non-metallic materials. It’s also the separation and purification of magnetic and non-magnetic minerals.


  • The induction distance between the disks at all levels and the selected ore particles can be adjusted to obtain different magnetic field induction intensities;
  • It can separate strong magnetic, weak magnetic, non-magnetic and other minerals at one time;
  • It can be adapted to dry operation in water-deficient mining areas.


Capacity: 0.2-9 t/h

The high intensity magnetic separator is mainly suitable for sorting large-grained, coarse-grained ferromagnetic ores and fine-grained weakly magnetic ores. Including magnetite, pyrrhotite, limonite, hematite, manganese ore, ilmenite and other minerals magnetic separation.


  • Adopt multi-layer induction magnetic pole design, large gradient, low power consumption, stable performance and good sorting effect;
  • Continuous automatic removal of iron debris, adjustable feed rate control, can be made into single-roller or multi-roller;
  • Magnetic rollers can be assembled in blocks, and the diameter and length of the rollers can be selected according to the requirements of the ratio of magnetic susceptibility coefficient, particle size and processing capacity of the sorted minerals.


Capacity: 8-35 t/h

The wet plate magnetic separator for iron impurities and purification of non-metallic minerals. Separation of limonite, hematite, ilmenite, garnet, carborundum and fine-grained weak magnetic minerals, mainly used for iron removal in quartz sand, the effect is particularly obvious.


  • It has a very wide pole-focusing face with many poles. It has a very high magnetic induction;
  • The belt is made of high-quality composite materials, with long service life and obvious iron removal effect;
  • Driven by a small frequency motor, the unique water system controllable design saves water and energy.
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