Mineral Processing

Electrostatic separator

Electrostatic Separator

Capacity: 1-2T/H

Feeding: 0.1-3mm

Application: magnetite, ilmenite, rutile, monazite, zircon, tungsten, tinstone, zirconite, andalusite, rutile, etc


Electrical separation is a physical beneficiation method that utilizes the different electrical properties of various minerals and materials for separation. The commonly used electrical separation equipment is a drum-type electrical separation machine.

How does the electrostatic separator work?

The ARC Type Electrostatic Separator machine has the structure of two rows and four stories in each row. Each floor has an earthing curved slide board (stainless steel). On the top, it has an arc-shaped high-voltage electrostatic plate (aluminum), which is stationary (but adjustable). When connected to high voltage static electricity, the ore minerals slip into high-voltage field area via earthing arc plate, then conductive minerals charged by induction and attracted to the electrode. Due to gravity, it is discharged from the front which is different from the non-conductive ore. Meanwhile, the electric field has also affected the other ion-conductive mineral but will not be attracted into the lower re-sorting. The process will be conducted four times until the minerals are qualified.

The most suitable granularity of the selected materials for the Drum-type Electric Separator is 0.1-1mm. The selected materials need to be dried, because moisture will reduce or disappear the electrical difference between conductor and non-conductor minerals. The nature of the selected materials is different, and the conditions for electrical selection should also change accordingly. Therefore, in actual production, the voltage, motor position, drum speed, and ore plate position should be adjusted at any time.

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Electrostatic Separator

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