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Portable gold Sluice box

The portable sluice box is typically used for extracting ore and other desirable materials from running water.

The use of our gold sluice box can be extended to any extraction process for removal of materials from a running liquid, such as removing contaminants (or desired products) from slurries.

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Introduction: Our JXSC modern sluice boxes are made with materials that are far lighter and more durable than the original sluice boxes used during the Gold Rush. Also, our modular & smaller size designed structure make it more portable so you can deploy it to almost any place for your gold mining.

JXSC’s sluice boxes are typically made of sheet aluminum or composite plastic materials. This results in lighter and more portable units that are considerably more efficient at gathering even the finest of gold dust.

Why choose our portable sluice box

Nowadays, despite lighter options for the choice of materials used in the construction of sluice boxes, even modern sluice boxes are difficult to transport and store, particularly due to their size. A typical sluice box may be between four and eight feet in length and between one and two feet in width, thus making transportation of a sluice box, particularly to an outdoor water source, such as a stream or river, relatively difficult.

Thus, our JXSC Mine Machinery has invented a modular portable sluice box to solve the aforementioned problems.

working principle of portable gold sluice box

In use, the gold-bearing gravel, for example, is dumped into an upper end of the sluice, and the flow of water washes the material down the length of the trough defined by the box. The lighter pieces of gravel are carried in suspension down the entire length of the sluice box to come out as “tailings” at the lower end of the sluice box. Heavy material, such as gold, sinks quickly and is caught by the riffles. Once the riffles gather their fill of concentrate, the concentrate is then removed for extraction of the gold.


Highlight & Invention of our portable sluice box

JXSC’s portable sluice box is constructed from a plurality of smaller sluice box modules, thus allowing the sluice box to be easily disassembled for storage and transport, and assembled in a variety of different configurations.

Each of the sluice box modules includes a lower wall having a pair of longitudinally opposed ends and a pair of laterally opposed ends. A plurality of riffles are formed on an upper surface of the lower wall. A pair of sidewalls are respectively secured to the pair of laterally opposed ends of the lower wall and project upward therefrom.

A first end of the pair of longitudinally opposed ends of the lower wall of one of the plurality of sluice box modules may be releasably connected to a second end of the pair of longitudinally opposed ends of the lower wall of a longitudinally adjacent one of the plurality of sluice box modules. Similarly, a first sidewall of the pair of sidewalls of one of the plurality of sluice box modules may be releasably connected to a second sidewall of the pair of sidewalls of a laterally adjacent one of the plurality of sluice box modules.

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