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Disc feeder

Disc Feeder

Feeding capacity: 1.8-88 t/h

Max feeding size: ≤80mm

Application: Commonly used in mining operations, construction, pharmaceutical manufacturing, gravel and aggregate processing industries; coal powder, cement, limestone, shale, coal gangue, rare earth, sand and other materials are continuously supplied and transported to next various equipment.

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Disc feeder
Disc feeder
Disc feeder


The disc feeder is a common equipment used to evenly feeding medium- and fine-grained materials. It mainly allows the materials in the silo to be discharged and fed into the next equipment continuously and evenly, saving labor. It is usually suspended on a steel structure or installed at the discharge port of a hopper or silo for continuous feeding.

Features Of Disc feeder

  • The disc feeder is equipped with wear-resistant lining plates, has a long service life, and requires extremely low maintenance and operating costs;
  • It can accurately control the flow of bulk materials, operates smoothly, has a wide adjustment range and a large carrying capacity;
  • It can be transported over long distances with low noise and is suitable for transportation needs in various environments;
  • With adjustable feed speeds, the pan feeder helps prevent overloading of downstream equipment and minimizes waste.
  • Compact structure, small size, small footprint, light weight and easy to use.

working principle

The disc feeder is mainly composed of a motor, a reduction device, a disc, a sleeve, a scraper, a feeding adjustment device and other parts. The motor drives the disc through the reducer through the coupling. When rotating, the materials in the silo move together with the disc, and rely on the gravity of the materials and the forced action of the working mechanism of the feeder to lower the material sleeve onto the lining of the disc. Then the material is scraped off by a fixed scraper, rotates to the discharge port, and pours into the next equipment.

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