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rotary dryer

Rotary Dryer

Capacity: 0.8~40 tons/hour

Suitable materials: drying powder, lump, granular materials such as coal slime, ore powder, slag, sludge, clay, fly ash, etc.

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rotary dryer


Rotary dryer is also called long drum dryer or drum dryer. It is the most common kind of dryer equipment in mining equipment. It has high production efficiency, convenient operation and easy maintenance. The dryer has a reasonable structure, excellent manufacturing process, high efficiency, energy saving, and convenient operation.
JXSC rotary dryers use reasonable operating parameters; the coal consumption and electricity consumption are reduced by more than 10-15% compared with the general dryer, and the output when the machine is increased by more than 10-15%.

Features Of Rotary dryer

  • Large drying intensity, short drying time and large effective drying area;
  • The structure is simple, the area is small, and it is easy to construct and maintain;
  • Large processing capacity, thermal efficiency up to 60%;
  • The drum dryer adopts “aligning roller device”, which greatly reduces wear and power loss

working principle of rotary dryer

The rotating drum of the dryer is a slightly inclined and rotatable cylinder. Wet materials enter from the upper part of one end and dry materials are collected from the lower part of the other end. Hot air enters from the feeding end of the discharging end and exits from the upper part of the other end. The barrel is equipped with a forward copy board so that the material is continuously picked up and sprinkled during the rotation of the barrel so that it is fully contacted with the hot airflow to improve the drying efficiency and move the material forward. The heat source of dry materials is generally hot air, high-temperature flue gas, etc. It can be selected according to the nature and quality requirements of materials.

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