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High Intensity Dry Magnetic Separator

High Intensity Dry Magnetic Separator

Capacity: 0.2-9 t/h

Application: It is suitable for the separation of weakly magnetic minerals and non-magnetic minerals such as tantalum niobium, tin, hematite, limonite, manganese ore, chromium ore, ilmenite, monazite, garnet, rutile, zircon, beach sand, etc.


High-intensity dry magnetic separators, or multi-roller magnetic separators, are iron removal/magnetic separation equipment for sorting weak magnetic minerals. It is widely used in limonite, manganese ore, and beach sand mineral processing. This magnetic separator uses a strong magnetic field to effectively separate ferromagnetic materials from non-ferrous metal materials, extracting fine particles from the feed without water or any other media; it can completely ensure product quality and purity, ultimately increasing output and reducing production costs.

Features Of High intensity dry magnetic separator

  • The dry magnetic separator is equipped with an adjustable feeding system, such as a vibrating feeder, which is suitable for feeding different materials evenly;
  • This magnetic separator has stable performance, no material blockage, and high iron removal and sorting efficiency;
  • The speed of the belt is controlled by a frequency converter, and the rotation speed of the magnetic roller is adjustable.
  • The magnetic induction intensity on the surface of the magnetic roller can reach 8000GS-15000GS, with high magnetic induction intensity and large magnetic field gradient.
  • According to user requirements, JXSC high-intensity magnetic separators can be designed as one-four or multi-roller magnetic separation.

working principle of High intensity dry magnetic separator

The materials are evenly distributed on the strong magnetic roller separator belt through the electromagnetic vibrating feeder. When the material passes through the strong magnetic roller, the magnetic material is adsorbed to the strong magnetic roller due to the magnetic adsorption. Non-magnetic and unselected magnetic materials fall directly into the tailings hopper under gravity as the belt rotates. As the annular belt rotates, the magnetic mineral particles fall into the middle ore hopper and the concentrate hopper successively, thereby completing the mineral sorting operation.

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High Intensity Dry Magnetic Separator
High Intensity Dry Magnetic Separator
High Intensity Dry Magnetic Separator
High Intensity Dry Magnetic Separator
high intensity magnetic separator
High Intensity Dry Magnetic Separator

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