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Vibrating Feeder

Capacity: 30-1200t/h

Feed: <1000

Uses:ore, sand, gravel

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The vibrating feeder is an electromechanical type of equipment, in which the vibration of the chute is used to transfer the materials from the hopper, silo and silo to the next row of equipment such as crushers, sieving machines, conveyors, etc. in a controlled manner.
The vibrating feeder is used to feed in a controlled manner. Not only can they be fed from the hopper, but vibrating feeder can also quickly control their flow to subsequent processes over a wide range.Vibrating feeder is the indispensable equipment in a wide range of applications, such as metallurgy, mineral processing, building materials production, chemical industry, coal and other industries. Under the vibration motion, it can remove natural fine materials, and transfer and sieve materials to the next process.

The vibrating screen feeder is mainly used in the following situations:
(1) It can be continuously fed before coarse crushing and screening to separate fine particles and improve crushing capacity.
(2) During the operation, the materials are fed into the feeding device evenly, regularly and continuously.
(3) Can be used for coarse sieve of materials. Double screen feeder can be used to remove mud and other small impurities in the material.
We tailor a variety of light, medium and heavy duty vibrating feeders to meet your requirement of controling the material flow. Call now to learn how we can increase your productivity and profits.

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