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Coal Washing Plant

Coal Preparation Plant

The coal preparation plant (CPP,  also known as a coal handling and preparation plant (CHPP), coal processing plant or coal wash plant).

A setup that washing coal of soil and rock, crushing and screening it into graded-sized chunks, dewatering, stockpiles grades preparing it for transport to market.

Coal Preparation Process

1. Crushing & Screening
The mixed materials with different particle sizes are divided into various particle poles by the screen surface with holes, and the coal lumps are sieved by dry or wet sieving. To pulverize large pieces of material into small particles, the selected coal pieces need to be pulverized to a certain particle size.

2. Coal washing
Coal washing process is an indispensable process of coal deep processing. The coal directly mined from the mine is called raw coal. The raw coal is mixed with many impurities in the mining process, and the coal quality is also different. Coal washing process is an industrial process to eliminate impurities in raw coal or classify high-quality coal and low-quality coal.

3. Coal preparation
Using the different physical and chemical properties of coal and other substances, the impurities mixed in the raw coal are treated mechanically in the coal preparation plant, and the treated clean coal is divided into products of different qualities and specifications. Usually the coal preparation process is divided into jig gravity separation, heavy medium, and flotation separation.

4. Dewatering: If it is thermal coal, the sorting has already met the requirements. At this time, the washed clean coal can be dehydrated into the coal storage bunker, and then the produced wastewater is concentrated and precipitated by thickener, and the coal slime may enter The tail coal bunker may also be stacked in the open air, and the clean water can be used for circulating water.

Coal Processing Plant

1. Coal Washing Plant

Raw material conditions:
1. Coal, contain with clay
2. Feeding size 0-150mm

1. Excavator or loader feed raw materials to the hopper of trommel scrubber, here trommel scrubber with 2 layers screen at the end. After washing off clay, screen three outputs: above 50mm,20-50mm, and below 20mm. Above 50mm and 20-50mm, outputs are transported to another place by belt conveyors.
2. Below 20mm go to the dewatering screen by gravity flow. Here put the dewatering screen lower level than the trommel scrubber, so that 0-20mm slurry can flow to the dewatering screen by height difference.
3. Over screen materials of dewatering screen are sent to rotary dryer system for drying coal by feeding conveyor.
4. The finished product after drying is transported by discharging conveyor.

Highlights of this coal wash plant

  • Trommel Scrubber screening and separating coal ores, and get 3 different sizes output.
  • Using Rotary Dryer to get dry coal products

2. Coal crushing Plant

  • Jaw crusher
  • Impact crusher
  • Vibrating screen
  • Jig separator

1. Crushing: The large pieces of coal are sent to the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder for rough crushing, and the coarsely crushed materials are transported by the conveyor to the impact crusher. The impact crusher is suitable for medium or fine crushing in order to further dissociate clean coal.

2. Screening: The vibrating screen screens out three kinds of materials with different particle sizes, which are transported to three different jiggers by belt conveyors for separation.

3. Separation: less than 12mm, 12-35mm, 35-45mm, respectively enter the jig for separating.

① The process flow is single, the equipment operation and maintenance are simple, and the screening capacity is large;
② There is no coal type limitation on the coal preparation accuracy. Whether it is difficult coal preparation, easy coal preparation, or medium optional coal, the coal preparation accuracy meets the requirements.

coal processing equipment

Jaw Crusher
Jaw Crusher
trommel scrubber
Trommel scrubber
dewatering screen
Dewatering screen
Rotary Dryer
Rotary Dryer

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