Beach Sand Beneficiation

Complete beach sand processing plant flow including crushing, screening, gravity separation, magnetic separation, drying and electric separation.

This whole set of processing plant is also used in zircon, rutile, and ilmenite sand separation plants. JXSC will customize the process flow and the appropriate equipment according to your mineral types on site, and maximize the recovery of useful minerals.

Beach sand beneficiation Process

Beach sand (seashore placer) is a secondary enrichment deposit formed by the accumulation of heavy mineral debris in the seashore area due to the action of rivers, waves, tides and ocean currents. There are many useful minerals in beach sand, and their composition is complex, including rutile, ilmenite, magnetite, cobalt, monazite, quartz sand, etc. Various beneficiation combined processes( gravity, magnetic and electric separation) are required to separate the target minerals.

  • Firstly, adopt gravity separation and discard tailings to obtain rough concentrates containing ilmenite, magnetite, rutile, monazite, quartzite, etc.; then concentrate on the rough concentrates.
  • Qualified titanium concentrate, chromite and monazite are separated from it by electric separation.
  • Specific differences in magnetic or electrical properties exist among the various seashore placer rough concentrate components obtained through gravity separation.Therefore, magnetic separation, electric separation and other beneficiation processes are generally used to form a combined method for separating and enriching each component.

Beach sand processing Plant

This is a 100 t/h beach sand processing plant, complete plant is configured with the below equipment: feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, slurry pump, magnetic separator, spiral chute, shaking table, dryer, electrostatic separator.

Raw ore information as below:
1-Capacity 100tph
2-Above 2mm impurities are removed
3-Need separate rutile, monazite, zircon, ilmenite, magnetite from the beach sand

Beach sand processing plant flow

Flowchart explanation as below:
1-Excavator or Loader feed raw sand to raw ore bin, then through the electromagnetic vibrating feeder to feed vibrating screen.
2-Vibrating screen with one layer screen with 2mm mesh size, in order to remove above 2mm impurities.
3-Below 2mm go to magnetic separator by slurry pump for separating out magnetite
4-Output of magnetic separator are sent to spiral chute by a slurry pump. Through gravity separation method to remove light minerals.
5-Spiral chute gravity separation plant has two stages: the middling from first stage spiral chute plant go to second stage spiral chute for reprocessing.
6-All concentrates from two stages spiral chute plants are sent to 1st double drum magnetic separator for separating out ilmenite.
7-Output of 1st double drum magnetic separator are sent to shaking table by slurry pump for removing light minerals by gravity principle.
The 8-Shaking table has two stages: the middling from the first stage shaking table is sent to the second stage shaking table for further processing by a slurry pump.
9-All concentrate from two stages shaking table plant is sent to the rotary dryer for drying material.
10-After drying, dry materials through hoist machine to 2nd double drum magnetic separator for separating out ilmenite.
11-Other minerals from 2nd double drum magnetic separator go to 1st electrostatic separator through hoist machine for separating out rutile, other minerals through hoist machine to 2nd electrostatic separator for separating out rutile, other minerals through hoist machine to 3rd electrostatic separator for separating out rutile.
12-Ohter minerals from the 3rd electrostatic separator go to the double roller strong magnetic separator via hoist machine for separating out zircon and monazite.

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