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5TPH Tantalum Niobium Tin Mineral Processing In Nigeria

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Project Info

Materials: alluvial minerals with containing clay

Capacity: 5TPH

Feed size: >5mm

Location: Nigeria


Washing – Gravity separation (jig concentrator, shaking table) – Magnetic separation

process flow

JXSC has designed a complete set of 5TPH tantalum niobium tin mineral processing plant equipment based on the specific conditions of the mineral, which is mainly completed through washing, gravity separation and magnetic separation. The following is the specific process:

First, the materials enter the trommel scrubber for cleaning and screening, and materials larger than 5mm are transported to one side through the belt conveyor as waste rock. Materials that meet the size of less than 5mm flow into the jig concentrator through the height difference for separating. The tailings after passing through the jig concentrator flow into the grit chamber through a pipeline, and the concentrate flows into two shaking tables for further selection. After shaker table separating, high-quality concentrate is obtained. All concentrates can be dried in the drying shed, and then put into a three-disk magnetic separator to separate magnetic minerals, weakly magnetic minerals, and non-magnetic minerals; tantalum, niobium, and tin concentrates can be obtained.

The recycling efficiency and economic benefits of the entire plant have been recognized by customers. We will customize the tantalum niobium tin processing plant, processes, and equipment based on the specific information of the mine. Contact us online to get a quote!

Main Equipment

Trommel scrubber
Trommel Scrubber
jig concentrator
Jig Concentrator
gold shaking table
shaking table
Three disc magnetic separator
Three disc magnetic separator
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