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Ball Mill Is The Key To Grinding Lithium Ore

Ball mills, with their ability to finely grind and mix materials, play a vital role in the lithium extraction process. Its high energy utilization ensures that the ore is ground to optimal fineness for further processing, resulting in higher yields and better quality lithium products.

Lithium ore can not only be used in lithium batteries, but its applications in ceramics, metallurgy, porcelain picking, special glass, chemical industry, etc. are also rapidly developing and expanding. Lithium ore is an important raw material for mankind to solve long-term energy supply. Lithium resources are uniquely endowed, accounting for the largest share in the world, sitting on great resources, and there is a large market gap. The demand for lithium ore beneficiation processes and equipment is rising, among which the crushing and grinding process has great development prospects!

Lithium Ore Grinding

About Lithium Ore

Global lithium mines are divided into three types, namely salt lake brine lithium mines, pegmatite lithium mines and sedimentary lithium mines. Pegmatite lithium mines and sedimentary lithium mines are solid lithium mines among the distribution types. Judging from the development status of the three lithium mineral resources, salt lake brine-type lithium minerals have high development and utilization rates and play an important role in the production of lithium compounds.

Lithium resources are mostly extracted from pegmatite ores and salt lake brine. The process of extracting lithium from brine is simple, with high recovery rate, low cost and little environmental pollution. However, lithium resources in salt lake brine are increasingly depleted. Lithium is mainly extracted from pegmatite salt ores. The general process of extraction is that after the lithium ores are broken into small pieces, they are then crushed and ground into finer particles by a lithium ore ball mill. , and then use sulfuric acid roasting, sulfate roasting, chloride roasting and other methods for extraction.
Among them, the lithium ore beneficiation process includes lithium ore grinding. Only after grinding the lithium ore to achieve monomer cleavage can the mineral processing flow effectively extract lithium resources.

Lithium Ore Ball Mill

Lithium ore ball mill

In the grinding and grading stage of lithium ore, in order to ensure that lithium minerals are fully dissociated from gangue mineral monomers, a closed-circuit grinding and grading process can be used. The grinding equipment of the first stage can be wet grid ball mills, rod mills, etc. When secondary grinding is required, a wet overflow ball mill can be selected as the grinding equipment at this stage.

Grid type ball mill

Its advantage is that the ore discharge speed is fast, it can reduce the over-crushing of ore, and at the same time it can increase the output per unit volume.
1. The large discharge mine mouth design has stronger lithium ore processing capacity, which can be as high as 160t/h;
2. Equipped with an automatic control system PLC to reduce labor costs, transmit equipment operating status in real time, troubleshoot immediately, and product performance reaches the international advanced level;
3. Static and dynamic pressure bearings ensure smooth and reliable operation;
4. Oil mist lubrication device ensures reliable lubrication of large and small gears;
5. The barrel of the wet grid ball mill can be configured with a manganese steel lining plate or a rubber lining plate according to needs. It has good wear resistance, long service life and is easy to maintain.

Grid-type ball mill is mainly responsible for grinding coarser minerals in lithium ore dressing plants, and is mostly used in one-stage grinding operations. Due to its special design of the ore discharge plate, the ball mill has a large ore discharge particle size and less grinding clogging. Customize suitable ball mill lining plates according to the properties of lithium ore to ensure the wear resistance of the ball mill and extend the service life of the ball mill.

Overflow ball mill

This ball mill is different from the grid-type ball mill in that there is no grid plate design at the ore discharge area. When discharging ore, it mainly relies on the continuous feeding of ore slurry to crowd out the ground ore slurry, so that it gradually moves to the ore discharge section. When the slurry exceeds the overflow weir, the slurry is discharged. Overflow ball mills are mainly suitable for grinding finer minerals in lithium ore dressing plants, and are mostly used in the second stage or concentrate grinding operations.

Additionally, the ball mill’s versatility allows parameters such as speed, feed rate and material composition to be adjusted, making it adaptable to different types of lithium ore. This flexibility is essential to optimize the grinding process for each specific ore type, thereby increasing cost efficiency and resource sustainability. In summary, the indispensable role of ball mills in grinding lithium ore shows its significance in advancing the technology and production methods of the lithium ore industry. If you need a lithium ore beneficiation plant and equipment, if you want to obtain greater profit margins, it is recommended to purchase equipment from JXSC to create more considerable economic benefits for you.

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