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Diamond Wash Plant

Diamond processing flow

Vibrating feeder, rotary washing scrubber, high-frequency vibration screen, belt conveyor. The diamond wash plant is built based on high-quality standards with detailed factors as the elements list in the video.


Miner plans to wash the diamond ore, and get needed particles fraction 2-25 mm, other sizes would be tailing.

  1. Firstly adopt a vibration feeder with the grizzly bar to remove big size stone.
  2. Smaller particles go to the rotary scrubber to wash until the diamond ore is clean and finally catch 2-25 mm particles.
  3. As it is probably there will mix with some other sizes particles in 2-25 mm, so need to use the high frequency to separate again the 2-25 mm material, to thoroughly remove -2mm and +25 mm particles.
  4. 2-25mm goes to DMS diamond separation System


Diamond washing plant machine

Feed hopper

First, let’s begin with the feed hopper, raw ore containing sticky clay firstly is fed into this hopper by the wheel loader.

The inner wall of the hopper is lined with 10mm wear-resistant steel, which can greatly prolong the service life.


Vibrating feeder

Secondly is followed by a vibrating feeder, this can control the feeding material are below 150mm. It adopts replaceable wear-resistant grizzly bar, and also lined with 10mm thick wear-resistant steel.


As for the discharge trough part, the angle of the waste stone discharge device can be adjusted, the guide groove is made of rail steel, and the inner wall of the discharge chute is lined with wear-resistant steel.

The vibrating feeder belt is covered to make it safe and reliable. The double eccentric shaft vibration exciter inside, have a stable amplitude, which can provide good continuity and adjustable excitation force. And the top of the feeder is equipped with a water spray system and a booster pump.

This wash plant is also equipped with a steel stair aisle, makes it convenient for operation and maintenance.

You may notice that the inner wall of the feed tank is equipped with 10mm thick hardox 400 wear-resistant steel lining

as well as the other parts of inner pipes. Those help to extend the machine’s service life.


Gold trommel scrubber

Now we are looking at the core parts of this washing machine, the gold trommel scrubber.

The trommel is primarily used to remove water-soluble clays, deleterious materials and coatings providing a cleaner product. Our trommels washing screen are notable for its economy and efficiency, whether it is used in cleaning sand, gravel, or washing crushed stone and various ores. What’s more, It can process fine and coarse feed simultaneously,

Our machine adopts the latest cutting edge design. The outer screen is divided into two halves, And they are tightly connected by bolts. The trommel screen inside built with a robust cylinder design, those screen panels are very easy to replace, and you can choose from urethane, rubber, punch plate, or wire cloth media.

The drive part is powered by a group of model K127 reducer, and each reducer is equipped with 2 renewable tires. Units integrate abrasion-resistant steel or thick rubber liners, are secured into the scrubber drum to prevent wear and drum leakage. All the seams on a solid shell scrubber are welded to withstand the continual shock loading.

The outside water supply pipe for trommel scrubber is high-quality Q235 steel material, it has a big flow capacity and withstands high pressure. The continuous lifting and dropping action combined with water helps to abrade, scrub, and break down soluble contaminants. Optional trommel screen extensions can be added to provide rough product separation,

screening and dewatering capabilities.


Vibrating screen

Vibrating Screening is another important part, it is used to separate material according to its size. Material is typically fed to a single-, double- or triple-deck screen to make the required sizes. The main water pipe of the vibrating screen adopts flange joint,

which can easily connect the external water pipe with the machine.

Through spray high-pressure water, it separates and washes material to obtain a good sieving effect. The material must go through or over a specified size to end up in the right pile. Unlike the crushers, Vibratory Screens cannot produce the material; they can only size material that is already reduced to the product sizes.

Under the screen slurry tank, there is a flange connector, it is convenient to connect the vibrating screen and pipe, and the tank lining with 4mm thick rubber plate, making it more wear resistance. The tank is also equipped with a discharge chute and access door, which can be opened for maintenance.

The driving shaft of the vibration screen, is made of high-quality DIN C45 Steel material. Material is typically fed to a single-,

double- or triple-deck screen to make the required sizes.


Conveyor belt

The final parts are the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt is at the heart of your operations and the key to its profitability. JXSC offers a comprehensive range of conveyor belts, designed for high performance, cost-effectiveness, and safety.

With our high-quality belt component, you can easily customize your output routing ways.

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Diamond mining machine manufacturer

JXSC Mine Machinery Factory is a mining equipment manufacturer established in 1985, supplies an extensive range of quality mining machinery that is exported and used worldwide. We offer mining machines with competitive prices and excellent service, free flow design.

Except for Diamond wash plants ,we can also provide Diamond DMS Separation plants.

As for the DMS separation plant,  we have two different process flow chart of DMS system for your reference:

  1. One type is with Ferrosilicon as a heavy medium,using cyclones to separate out diamonds.
  2. The other type is with a jig separator to concentrate diamond which is without Ferrosilicon.
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