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Tungsten-tin ore beneficiation process design and it’s equipment

Tungsten-tin ore is a quartz-cassiterite, wolframite and clinopyroxene type ore deposit. The main metal minerals in the ore are cassiterite, wolframite, followed by galena, sphalerite, Chalcopyrite arsenopyrite, Bismuthite. The veins are mainly quartz and feldspar. Due to the low grade of the raw ore, it needs to be sorted with high efficiency before it can be utilized. For this reason, our JXSC Mining Machinery have researched and designed a high efficiency tungsten-tin ore beneficiation production line and process flow.


Process flow of tungsten-tin ore beneficiation production line

In the tungsten-tin ore beneficiation process, the re-election method is most widely used. The re-election method is divided into various methods and processes due to the differences in equipment type, sorting media type and additional force field, such as air separation, washing, jigging, shaking table, heavy media, etc. and their combined methods and processes. Tungsten tin ore re-election process, generally consists of four parts: pre-selection, re-election, selection and fine mud treatment.

  • Pre-selection

Tungsten and tin ore mining process waste rock mixing rate of up to 60% – 80%. Therefore, pre-selection should be carried out as far as possible before sorting to discard low-grade waste rock, in order to reduce the amount of ore into the grinding and re-election of the processing volume, and improve the original ore into the grade.

  • Gravity Separation

The nature of tungsten tin ore is relatively brittle, so the stage grinding and stage sorting process are adopted, and rod mills are often used for grinding to avoid over-crushing. At the same time, the process of sand mud separation, rich and poor grade separation, and concentrated separation of secondary concentrates is also adopted, and the ore is strictly classified and processed by different beneficiation equipment.

  • Fine mud treatment

The mud treatment of tungsten-tin ore is still mainly based on the flow film beneficiation principle of re-election equipment, supplemented by flotation machines, etc. when necessary.

Flotation in mineral processing

  • Fine Selection

There are more associated minerals in tungsten and tin ore, and in the beneficiation process, most of these associated minerals enter the middle ore, secondary concentrate or concentrate. In order to improve the quality of tungsten and tin concentrates, comprehensive recovery of associated useful minerals, in the selection section, depending on the nature of the ore, generally regrind the middle ore, secondary concentrate and concentrate respectively, and then use the combined process of re-election, flotation, magnetic separation, electrowinning and wet metallurgy.

tungsten and tin ore processing line equipment selection

There are mainly feeder, jaw crusher, conveyor, cone crusher, ball mill or rod mill, classifier, magnetic separator or flotation machine, dryer, etc. Other auxiliary equipment can be reasonably configured according to actual needs.

In tungsten-tin ore beneficiation production line, there is the process of combined re-election and flotation, the process of combined re-election and flotation, magnetic separation or electric separation, and the process of combined re-election, flotation, magnetic separation, chemical beneficiation and pyrometallurgy. In these processes, the most complex part is also the most reflective of the joint part of the process, different processes or the combination of different equipment to the extent of mutual alternation, penetration, integration, especially the combination of electrometallurgy, become interdependent, mutually complementary, indispensable organic optimization of the combination of the whole. 

A large number of combined force field of equipment, combined chemicals and combined force field of vibration high gradient magnetic separation and other applications in the above process, flocculation sorting, heating flotation, electrochemical treatment and other new methods and strengthening measures also have a lot of research or application, especially in the sulphide ore sorting part.


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