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The Maintenance and Use of Vibrating Screen

Vibrating screen is widely used in screening equipment at present, and the new vibrating screen machine has higher precision, which has greatly improved compared with traditional screening equipment, and the production volume has also been greatly improved. In the actual production, users often encounter various failures, which will bring great trouble to normal production. Next we will look at the use of vibrating screen machine precautions and some common maintenance measures.


After purchasing, the first thing you need to do is debug. The accuracy of vibrating screen is relatively high. It is necessary to check whether the installed electrical protection device is in fault and whether it can be used normally during commissioning.

Daily Inspection

1. Check the anchor bolts

In the precautions for the use of vibrating screen, we need to carefully check the anchor bolts. This position is easy to loosen, once it is loose, it will produce great vibration and noise, even burn down the motor, which will cause great damage to the equipment.

2. Check the screen

After checking the anchor bolts, pay attention to whether the screen is damaged or not, and some loopholes will cause the material to flow out, which will cause great losses.

3. Check the vibrating screen harness ring

For the vibrating screen bundle ring, it is necessary to check regularly to ensure that the tightening is not loose.

4. Noise

In the precautions for the use of vibrating screen, attention should also be paid to some common noises, and stop the machine in time to check, find out the source of noise and remove it in time.

5. What oil is added to the vibrating screen

Besides doing well the daily maintenance and maintenance measures for the vibrating screen, we need to know what oil the vibrating screen is adding. 

6. Inspection frequency

Maintenance of the vibrating screen is not a matter of two days a day, but it needs to be maintained for a long time and regularly inspected and maintained. After a period of work, the vibrating screen shall be comprehensively inspected to see if the vulnerable objects are damaged, and timely repair and replacement shall be carried out to ensure the normal production.


Common Faults of Vibrating Screen

1. Heating of bearing

According to the practice, the causes of high bearing temperature rise may be poor assembly of rolling bearing, too small radial clearance of rolling bearing, too much or too little lubricating grease, unqualified lubricating materials, bearing dirt, wear, seal failure, etc., or too large difference between motor shaft and exciter shaft, As a result, the force transmitted to the vibration exciter through the coupling causes friction at the bearing cover. It is necessary to check the above possible causes one by one and remove the problem before reuse.

2. Side plate crack

The side plate is the main force bearing part of the screen box, so its stiffness must be enough, and the angle of the eccentric block of the vibration exciter must be checked to see if it is consistent on the premise of excluding excessive amplitude; Secondly, we should consider whether there is overload and partial load in the vibrating screen; Thirdly, it should be considered whether the screen box can not get the necessary buffer due to the spring damage or the distortion and vibration of the screen box due to the uneven spring deformation; Fourth, we should check whether the vibrator mounting bolts are loose and uneven.

3. Fracture of beam

There are many reasons for this problem, such as too large amplitude, screen overload, spring problems, foundation change and so on. But what I want to emphasize is that the vibrating screen designed according to the original standard is a little fragile, because it can operate normally only when there are certain restrictions on the feeding.


Repair of Vibrating Screen

  1. The problems found in the regular inspection of the vibrating screen should be repaired. The repair of vibrating screen includes adjusting the tension of V-belt in time, replacing new belt, replacing worn screen surface and longitudinal gasket, replacing damping spring, replacing rolling bearing, transmission gear and seal, replacing damaged bolts, repairing the damage of screen frame components, etc.
  2. The side plate and beam of screen frame should avoid stress concentration, so welding on these components is not allowed. The vibrating screen should be replaced in time for the cracking of the lower crossbeam. When cracks are found on the side plate, a 5mm hole should be drilled at the end of the crack in time, and then a reinforcing plate should be added at the cracking part. The disassembly, repair and assembly of the exciter shall be carried out by full-time personnel in a clean place.
  3. After the vibrating screen is disassembled, check the wear of rolling bearing, check the gear tooth surface of the vibrating screen, check the connection of all parts of the vibrating screen, clean the lubrication circuit in the box of the vibrating screento make it smooth, remove the attachment on each joint surface of the vibrating screen, and replace all seals and other damaged parts of the vibrating screen.

Compared with other traditional screening equipment, vibrating screen machine precision is relatively high, which requires careful supervision and maintenance during production. The precautions for the use of vibrating screen have been introduced in detail above. It is hoped that all operators can pay attention to it. During the daily operation, pay attention to the correct operation of the equipment and the daily maintenance work to ensure the normal start-up and operation of the equipment.

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