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5TPH Rock Gold And Placer Gold Recovery Plant In Ethiopia

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  1. Raw ore: gold mine without sticky clay and mixing rock stone,the gold also in the stone.
  2. Capacity: 5TPH
  3. Project location: Ethiopia
  4. Input size: over 100mm
  5. Output size: grinding to 0-2mmrecovery the gold

Main Equipment

  • Mobile trommel screen
  • Jaw crusher
  • Hammer crusher
  • Gold centrifugal concentrator
  • Shaking table
  • Sluice box

process flow

5TPH Placer & Rock Gold Processing Plant In Ethiopia

1. Gold Washing: Trommel screen

The raw ore larger than 100mm enters the hopper with a screen. Trommel screen with screen bar washing the material without sticky clay and separating the stones. Among them, material of 0-3mm enters the centrifuge, material of 3-20mm goes directly to the gold chute, and the material larger than 20mm is transported to the jaw crusher by a belt conveyor.

2. Crushing stage: Jaw crusher, Hammer crusher

The jaw crusher roughly breaks the 20-150mm material into a size of 0-40mm, and then transports it to the hammer crusher with a belt conveyor for fine crushing, so that the material size is 0-2mm.

3. Separation stage: Gold centrifugal concentrator, Shaking table, Sluice box

The tailings of the centrifuge go to the gold chute to recover gold, and the materials from the hammered 0-2mm are directly sent to the shaker for separation.

4. Melting stage: Gold melting furnace

The gold concentrate from the shaker and the gold chute enters the gold melting furnace to obtain gold bars.

Gold Processing Plant Solutions & Flow Design

Equipment List

Product name



Trommel screen

0513 Mobile type


sluice box



Hammer crusher



Gold centrifugal concentrator



Belt conveyor



Jaw crusher



Shaking table



Gold smelting furnace



gold shaking table
Gold shaking table
Jaw Crusher
Jaw crusher
gold centrifugal concentrator
Gold centrifugal concentrator
Portable gold melting furnace
gold melting furnace

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